Feature Trusses

A Feature Truss is exactly as it sounds, it is a structural component that doubles up as a visible feature in your room.

Engineered glulam feature trusses are both durable whilst bringing a great aesthetic to your interior. Our in-house design team will calculate structural adequacy and visual preferences for your approval before we proceed with the in house manufacturing through our precision CNC plant. We can create a range of styles or bespoke designs that are perfect for your space whilst standing the test of time.

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Engineered Timber - Glulam Beams

Lighter & More Versatile Than Steel

One of our specialties is building feature trusses from engineered Glulam.

Engineered glulam is the process of using multiple layers of finger jointed timber and bonding them together using high-strength adhesive and huge pressure in our hydraulic press. The effect is outstanding, creating one structural single piece of structural timber perfect for a feature trusses.

We can design feature trusses to fit any span up to 11m in a single piece, and in a variety of styles to suit your chosen aesthetics. Because we manufacture our own Glulam we can also offer a choice of timber species to match any existing timber within the space, or to give the desired colour or effect.

Engineered Timber - Glulam Beams

Bespoke Design & Build

InWood Development’s bespoke design and machining service is located in East Sussex supplying large and small scale building projects with feature trusses across the UK.

Every project is unique so we give a high attention to detail from design, structural calculations, through to machining and assembly. Our structural engineers will evaluate your specific span and load in conjunction with timber species and dimensions, to ensure, once installed, it is fit for purpose. We use CAD drawing software to create a 3D image of your design for approval, before sending it directly to our CNC machine to seamlessly manufacture your trusses. If required our trained carpenters can assemble your trusses for you within the factory so they can be delivered to site ready for installation

We offer timber only options or designs that include metal brackets to increase span or add visual effect.

Here to Work For You

We know that a feature truss needs to fit your ideal design, so we offer wood-only options or designs that include hidden metal brackets or plates to give you your preferred shape or headroom.

We use a variety of different species of timber depending on your design. We can build feature trusses from:

  • Oak
  • Sweet Chestnut
  • Ash
  • Douglas Fir
  • Larch
  • Corsican Pine
  • Accoya

Alternatively, we can use other timbers to match a visual aesthetic or adhere to budget constraints.

Our design and build service is here to work for you and your requirements.

Engineered Timber - Glulam Beams

Lead Times & Delivery

Our UK machinery and design service is located in East Sussex. If produced in this location your feature truss will be transported from here to your desired location.

Our lead times for delivery are often between 6-8 weeks following your order but it is best to get all design work in place as early as possible as only then can the raw material be secured.

At every step of the process you will be kept informed of your order and tracking details will be provided once your delivery hits the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

A wooden truss is best know as a structure in many house roofs that is held together with nail plates. Fundamentally the item is structural in nature and offers no design or aesthetic benefit.

They act as an interior design feature for a home or business and can make the room feel more spacious as the ceiling is not closed off with plasterboard. The most simple difference is aesthetics. A feature truss will give you both form and functionality.

At InWood we are always ready for a challenge so approach any project of any size with an open mind. Our engineers will analyse the span and provide an accurate assessment of the load and style of a span that can safely work with wood. In general, standard trusses can span up to 11 metres.

The most simple difference is aesthetics. A feature truss will give you both form and functionality whereasa steel truss will generally be hidden within the structure. In addition a steel truss can act as a clod bridge so a degree of thermal insulation is required to prevent heat loss.

This is a difficult question to answer without additional context. Planning permission depends on a variety of factors and Grade 1 or Grade 2 listed buildings create additional complications.

Consult a planning expert in your local area to discover whether or not you can install a feature truss in your building.

Yes! We have over 20 years of experience working closely with building contractors installing feature trusses. From planning to design and build we keep you in the loop to ensure your project will not be delayed by waiting for our truss to arrive on site.

Yes! Our designers will liaise with your architects or designers at an early stage to determine what type of wood will work best in your building design whilst maintaining structural integrity.

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