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InWood Developments has a comprehensive machining capability primarily focused around Timber Lamination, CNC Framing and Mouldings. If you are a builder looking for a small run of locally sourced cladding or a developer looking for a number of timber frames we can accommodate your requirements.

Engineered Timber - Glulam Beams

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Glulam Manufacturing & Timber Lamination

We offer manufacture of both structural and non-structural glulam products on a wide variety of timber species. Having installed a state-of-the-art glue application line and an extended 10m+ lamination press we are able to offer a wide variety of structural lamination options to our customers.  When you couple our in-house finger jointing line with the laminating press it’s easy to see why we can provide some flexible solutions across a range of species and dimensions.

For non-structural lamination we offer the service to either laminate your own timber for you or supply a finished product to order, including stair components, door and window sections, decorative beams or other specialist items for the equestrian or boating market.

CNC Building Frames

InWood Developments is proud to offer a full CNC engineering service using our state of the art Hundegger Robot Drive, which is currently the only one of it’s type in the UK.  This excellent machine gives us the flexibility to offer standard components right through to complex bespoke structures to a range of clients.

All of our machine service capabilities are backed up by our in-house design and 3D modelling team who can work through the most minute details in your requirements prior to manufacture. You can then be assured that all of your machining needs are met.

Beam Planing

Our beam Planer can accommodate a section size of 300mm x 400mm with a minimum length of 1.5m.

Custom Mouldings

Our moulding lines are available to offer both PAR services and custom profiles according to your needs. We are able to run from relatively small amounts for a single job up to full loads for merchant stock.

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Machine Services

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