Oak Trusses

Our oak trusses make a remarkable impact on any room they adorn.

Crafted from high-quality oak, these trusses offer both durability and aesthetic appeal, infusing your interior with the beauty of an oak structure. Our in-house design and machining teams specialise in creating a variety of styles or bespoke designs, perfectly tailored to suit your space while ensuring longevity.

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Engineered Timber - Glulam Beams

The Benefits of Oak

Oak is strong, hard and very resistant to moisture and the elements. It is a naturally long-lasting material, many old barns and houses were constructed with oak and are still standing today, years (or centuries) later. Oak is a popular cost-effective and durable solution.

Engineered Timber - Glulam Beams

Bespoke Design & Build

Located in East Sussex, InWood offers a bespoke design and machining service catering to both large and small-scale building projects throughout the UK, supplying oak trusses.

Our team of structural engineers conducts thorough assessments of span and load requirements to ensure that once installed, the trusses meet the necessary specifications. Utilising CadWorks, they generate detailed 3D drawings of your design, seamlessly transitioning to CNC machine production for precise manufacturing.

Understanding the importance of aligning with your design preferences, we provide options tailored to your needs, offering both wood-only solutions and designs incorporating metal brackets.

Lead Times & Delivery

As noted earlier, our machinery and design facility is situated in East Sussex, UK. If your oak truss is crafted at this location, it will be shipped from here to your specified destination.

Typically, our lead times for delivery range between 6 to 8 weeks from the date of your order.

Throughout the entire process, we’ll keep you updated on the status of your order, and once your delivery is en route, we’ll provide tracking details so you can monitor its progress every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a truss that uses oak as a material. The truss supports the roof and can create an incredible impact on a building’s interior if the roof space is left open.

Green oak refers to how fresh the oak is after it has been felled. If the oak has been cut within 3 to 18 months after being felled it retains 60-80% of the tree’s moisture. So when it is used it is still drying naturally, therefore it may move as it continues to dry out.

Air dried oak typically has 20-30% of moisture content following an intense drying process. Subsequently, it has less movement and therefore is much more suitable for projects with a direct glazing component.

There are other differences but this is the most important in construction.

Determining the necessary planning permission for installing a green oak truss can be complex and context-dependent. Factors such as the type of building and its listed status, particularly Grade 1 or Grade 2, can influence requirements.

For accurate guidance tailored to your specific situation, it’s advisable to seek counsel from a local planning expert. They can assess your circumstances and advise on whether installing a feature truss aligns with regulations in your area.

Yes! With over two decades of expertise, we’ve forged strong partnerships with building contractors, specialising in installing distinctive trusses. From initial planning through to execution, we maintain open communication, ensuring seamless integration of our trusses without causing delays to your project.

Absolutely! Our design team collaborates closely with your architects or designers from the outset, identifying the optimal wood types to complement your design vision.

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