Interior Timber Cladding

A huge range of cladding profiles and timber species available. produced in-house and internally graded.

Internal cladding can make for a beautiful feature within your home or work space, and our precision engineering means you can achieve a high quality finish with a natural effect. All our cladding is produced in house and so we can help advise you on the correct timber species, grade of wood and profile to achieve the look you desire.

Interior Cladding
Kiln Dried & Acclimatised Internal Cladding

Kiln Dried & Acclimatised

There are a few things to take into account when installing internal cladding boards and the first and most important item is that it is fully kiln dried. When timber goes into a heated environment it could have the propensity to warp or crack if it is not sufficiently acclimatised and kilned to a suitable moisture content level.

Another consideration in today’s timber market is the use of modern thermally modified timbers that are kilned beyond the normal levels to provide extra stability and durability. These timbers are especially useful if you are seeking a dark effect finish as the modification process can darken the wood, but this in turn does result in a more homogenous product.

Internally Graded High Quality Timber

At InWood Developments we get most of our product custom kilned and then internally graded by our trained timber graders. The result is that you can rely on the right material being used to fulfil your order.

Internal cladding will bring warmth and acoustic benefits to your space so reach out to one of our team to discuss how we could help you achieve your design aspirations.

Standard Cladding Profiles

Timber Cladding Profiles

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Interior Timber Cladding

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