Timber Decking

Timber decking is a great way of binging a touch of class to your outdoor living space with a really natural feel. We must state from the outset that we do not offer the cheaper pressure treated softwood material that you will find in many of the bog box stores as this isn’t a product we feel gives the long life and quality we like to supply.

The decking offering at InWood Developments revolves around our premium range of in-house manufactured decking options, available defected and in a range of custom sizes and timber species to suit your specific use.

Timber Decking By Swimming Pool
Timber Decking
Timber Decking
Timber Decking

Considerations When Buying Timber Decking

Below are some considerations when buying a timber decking product:

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    Make sure your timber is for a sustainable source. Wherever possible we attempt to make sure that all InWood products are either FSC or PEFC certified to ensure they come for sustainable and ethical forests.
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    Would a defect free option suit best? Some timber species naturally contain knots and as such those knots can be susceptible to falling out as the timber dries. At InWood Developments we can defect and finger joint the timber to remove any of the natural imperfections. The result is that you will have a higher grade product with the added benefit of more stability as the wood is less likely to try and move after fingerjointing.

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    Try one of the Thermally Modified Timbers. Modern processes have produced timbers with enhanced weathering and stability through a careful kilning process that alters the timber at a cellular level. These timbers are stable and will not move, with the added benefit that the dark colours provide a great look in your garden. We have also found as an aside that in some cases they have a natural grip which reduces the slipperiness of them when wet. Of course the same does not apply in a frost!!

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    Customise your thickness. Some decks can go through heavy use especially if there is gym equipment of heavy furniture being used. The fact we manufacture everything in house means we can also customise the thickness of your deck should you wish to eliminate any spring to the boards. It may only be a couple of millimeters but it makes a hell of a difference.

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    Custom width and profiles can really make your deck pop!! Because all the product is custom made to your needs you can alter the profile you wish and perhaps even alternate board widths to give you a custom effect. In addition, we can customise your edging boards and create matching fascia’s for you to go round the front and sides of your deck so that everything matches and gives that truly professional finish to the job.
  • Timber Decking
  • Timber Decking

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Timber Decking

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